leo doliasTogether with my own life learning I bring extensive professional experience since the late 90’s, having trained and worked in various health, social care and academic settings, with clients facing difficult life events such as separation, job loss, bereavement, or serious mental health issues such as clinical depression and anxiety. Essentially, I see therapy as cultivating health and well-being by building upon people’s skills, insight and aspirations, based on a fruitful therapeutic relationship. My on-going development as a therapist is based upon my understanding of myself in relation to our world; therefore I view my personal therapy, professional supervision and other mind & body activities (e.g. nature, arts/crafts, films) as important parts of the development and quality of my work. My journey as a therapist started when I went to see a university counsellor in my early twenties while I was studying psychology. That was a big life shift for me and paved the way to become a therapist.

I bring diverse experience working with people (individuals and couples) in my private practice, and in NHSMindcrisis centreUniversity and LGBT services. My work has included initial assessments, risk management, workshops (e.g. stress management, emotional intelligence) and referrals to other support agencies (esp. in relation to complex mental health problems and/or addiction). I am currently focusing on my private practice, supervising trainee counsellors, and working at a London University. I have written published work and practice in both English and Greek. I would describe my therapeutic approach as integrative, relational and experiential – based on ideas and practices from different cultures and schools of thought - for more information please see here.

I have completed the following post-graduate qualifications:
Master’s Degree (MA) in Integrative Psychotherapy/Counselling, and Advanced post MA Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy (ADEP), after my undergraduate studies in Psychology and Fine Art. I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and abide by their Code of Ethics. I am also an active member of the Society for Existential Analysis. My integrative training in psychotherapy has been based on psychology, philosophy and informed by diverse psychotherapy theories and practices, including existential/phenomenological, humanistic, psychodynamic, transpersonal, mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural (CBT).

Award and publications by Leo Dolias

"It seems that everything has been figured out, except how to live."
Jean-Paul Sartre