Some basic info about therapy.

Psychotherapy, Counselling, Supervision, Personal Development

Psychotherapy or Counselling is a personal experience facilitated by a professional, an experience whose prime function is to allow the client to have private time and space to look at and better understand important life issues – increasing self-awareness potentially opens to more choices and better ways to live life.

A fruitful therapeutic relationship depends on the gradual development of trust and safety, which create the base for the work to progress. Sessions will ideally be organised at a set time and place at least once a week.

The therapeutic process continues by mutual consent as long as both parties feel that there is benefit to be derived from the continuing experience of being in therapy.

At the beginning of the therapeutic process a client may feel that it is necessary to take one step at a time: one session may be arranged, then more sessions, before reviewing and making the process continuous, if this feels the right way ahead.

The ending process is important and needs to be explored and processed together before the actual event.

Appointed sessions are mutually agreed and organised in advance – the client contracts to pay for all the sessions arranged even if they are not attended. A week’s notice is agreed for cancellation in order to avoid the full charge of the scheduled session – at least 48 hours’ notice is agreed for cancellations due to unexpected last-minute important events (e.g. illness, family problems, unplanned work deadlines, etc.). A month’s notice is advised for termination, especially in the case of long-term therapy.

I will be taking holidays at standard times with dates given to the client well in advance. These will probably be two weeks at Christmas and Easter and three weeks in the summer around August/September.

Fees are normally paid at the end of each session or month for the month previous. The rate per session will be agreed at the outset, and will be reviewed periodically.

Each session will be 50-55 minutes and it is important that clients attend at the time appointed since there is no waiting room.

Sessions are strictly confidential and information is not shared with any third party. However all therapists have supervisors with whom they discuss cases in order to look at the process of therapy and the effects on the therapist, however names and confidentiality of clients are never being compromised. In the rare event in which a clear indication is present that a client seriously considers harming oneself or someone else, it may be necessary to inform an outside agency to try and prevent such harm. In such cases I would make every effort to discuss this concern in therapy before talking to anyone else.

There are no absolute guarantees to the therapeutic process; there are no magic wands. Being in therapy can be an opportunity to acquire insight and awareness in order for more conscious steps to be taken in life. Therapy potentially helps and allows the client to accept, change or remove oneself from distressing or unfulfilling situations.

Services offered: Psychotherapy and counselling, counselling via skype and other media, online psychotherapy and clinical supervision.

It may also be beneficial to access other supportive resources in parallel or instead of therapy – this will be discussed with the client if needed.

Please feel free to ask any further questions – I welcome open discussions and dialogue.

Leo Dolias, M.A., Ad.Dip.E.P, SEA.

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